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Projects are complex things but Horizon PPM is designed to make it as easy as possible to get started as quickly as possible.

As a result you'll find we don't mandate much.

The steps below are a quick checklist to get a brand new user up and running with a new project ...

  • If you haven't already done so, you'll need to verify your account. Until you do this you're account will remain read-only and you won't be able to do much. More details on organisations.
  • Set-up your organisation. This is the company or establishment that you work for or represent. More details on organisations.
  • Set-up your profile. Add things like contact details and your profile photo. More details on profiles.
  • If you are the project manager follow these instructions to set-up your project(s).
  • Alternatively, if you have been invited to join a project follow these instructions to accept/decline an invitation.

The platform automatically emails you a unique verification key to the email address you have entered in the sign-up form.

The email is formatted as HTML so most modern email client applications should allow you to click through and open the verification page and complete the process.

NB: All functions will remain in a read-only mode until verification is completed and a yellow reminder strip will remain at the top of the screen - which includes a method to re-request a verification key

We leave the definition of an organisation to you, but it's typically a company, department or team. Every user can (and should) set-up their own organisation. Project Managers or other Admins can set-up additional organisations as required.

To set-up an organisation, select the Organisations on the left-hand-side navigation bar ...

Click the Add button on the right-hand-side ...

And fill in the pop up form ...

As you'll notice, only the Organisation name is mandatory. You can always come back and update the additional fields later.

And also note you can also change the organisation name itself later on if needed.

Coming soon ...

Coming soon ...


Horizon PPM is an advanced Project Portfolio Management tool that helps teams delivering their projects.

The system focuses on ...

  • making it easy to securely share data across the whole team;
  • presenting project portfolios to make it easy to identify risks & opportunities and to take action; and
  • keeping the structure consistent across all projects


Horizon PPM and Amazon Alexa