The smart solution for Project and Portfolio Management


Real-Time Instrumentation
Automatically generated and real-time project instrumentation provides intelligent dashboards.
Actionable Intelligence
The unique HORIZON PPM 4D AI Map provides immediate clarity on urgency, impact, scale and complexity of every project component.
Sophisticated Data Tables
Sophisticated data tables with sorting, highlighting, filtering, pagination, search and deep-dive interaction provide sumamry and detailed views.
Notes with Markup
Editors with simple mark-up ensure project teams can provide emphasis to requirements, status, progress and plans.
Powerful Visualisations
Real-time graphs and charts provide powerful project visualisations of trends, comparisons and context.
Automated Reports
Still want to produce paper reports? At least using HORIZON PPM we can produce them in seconds and so you don't spend the hours it usually takes!
Voice Assistance

All users can experience next-generation project portfolio management with the HORIZON PPM integrated voice assistant. Use the Horizon PPM Alexa app to get real-time updates direct from your project portfolio.

Download the Alexa Command Quick Reference.

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