HORIZON PPM is the smart solution for Project and Portfolio Management.

Horizon PPM keeps everyone on the same page with real-time, actionable intelligence to improve your delivery success.

Executive Summary

The majority of business change is delivered through projects.

Projects are complex with lots of constantly moving parts.

The world is trying to recover and demand for projects continues to grow.

Project teams, Project Managers, their customers and senior stakeholders are typically looking to answer 3 things ... What's next? What's important? And, What's urgent?

HORIZON PPM takes a data centric approach to answer these questions and provides actionable intelligence to project teams to improve their delivery success.

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Most business change is delivered through projects

Isn't it about time the tools supporting your projects were as smart as the products you provide to your customers?

HORIZON uses a data centric approach to deliver actionable intelligence to all project stakeholders simultaneously.

There's no need to wait for the fortnightly report (full of stale data!). Just visit the project pages to get up to date on what's working and where the challenges may lie.

No longer just a system of record, but for the first time a smart assistant supporting you every step of the way.

  • Smart Assistance

  • Uniform Presentation

  • Analytics

  • Actionable Intelligence

  • Process Automation

  • Voice Interaction

  • Data Visualisations

  • Digital Recommendations

  • Robust Algorithmics

Businesses need to evolve at pace to keep up and compete whilst project dimensions continue to change.

The challenges facing today's businesses are increasingly complex.

The scale and distribution of customers and the organisations themselves is undergoing a significant shift as the world trys to recover.

Keeping pace with the business demands in these larger and more complex environments takes constant and careful management.

Faster Pace


Greater Complexity


Larger Scale

Increased Demands

HORIZON PPM is the intelligent solution for business evolution and transformation

HORIZON has been designed from the ground up to be a smart platform providing real-time, personalised, actionable intelligence at every level of the organisation. Senior executives, portfolio managers, program managers, project managers and the project teams can all access and contribute to the success of the projects - wherever, however and whenever they need. HORIZON is not just a system-of-record but an active management solution for driving success across technology transformation projects.

Senior Executives

  • 360° Oversight

  • Real-Time Updates

  • Single Pane of Glass

  • Full Audit & Transparency

  • Securely Access from Anywhere

  • Know What Your Team Know

  • Know What your Partners Know

  • Know What Your Customers Know

  • Lead the Strategy

Portfolio Leaders

  • Set Objectives

  • Clarity on Risks

  • Drive Direction & Pace

  • Collaborate with Partners

  • Integrate with Existing Systems

  • Know Your Risks

  • Know Your Priorities

  • Know Your Opportunities

  • Lead the Transformation

Project Teams

  • Smart Assistance

  • Automated Reporting

  • Actionable Intelligence

  • Action & RAID Trackers

  • Personalised Dashboards

  • Know What's Urgent

  • Know What's Complex

  • Know What's Important

  • Lead the Delivery

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