Project Portfolio Management for today's distributed teams

Keeping the team together - even when they're apart

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Today's Challenges

Lower budgets. Faster pace. Little room for error. More scrutiny. Fewer people. Less social interaction. The problems facing Project Portfolio Management haven't just changed, they have intensified since the COVID19 pandemic changed our working practices. You probably have more active projects in your organisation now than you have people. And now everyone does projects.

And these project teams are still seeking answers to the same questions ...

  • What's important?

  • What's urgent?

  • What's complex?

HORIZON PPM provides these answers and more with it's real-time, individually personalised project dashboards.

Our Solution

Know your Risks.    Know your Opportunities.    Know your Priorities.

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Balance Agility & Innovation with Consistency & Structure

Business leaders must deliver more, faster whilst still maintaining greater control than ever before.

HORIZON PPM is balanced to support the sometimes conflicting needs for flexibility and speed in the delivery team whilst also continuing to provide the governance and control required by the enterprise.

Hybrid is the new Agile.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In a fast-paced digital world project teams should no longer be shackled to weekly meetings to discuss pre-distributed reports containing data that is already stale.

HORIZON PPM consolidates all project and portfolio intelligence putting everyone on the same page with the very latest view on status and plans. Users can zoom in & out to understand the big picture and drill into the delivery details at the touch of the screen.

This shared real-time view supports fast & efficient critical business decision making at all levels.

One size can fit all.

Insights from Next-Generation AI/ML

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide the foundation for a robotic assistant capable of supporting project managers managing the many moving parts of project portfolios - predict conflicts; spot themes; track trends; identify risks & opportunities.

HORIZON PPM has been designed using the latest technology to leverage these advances and has already been extended to provide the world's first project portfolio management platform with a voice-enabled smart assistant.

Intelligent Assistance as standard.

Save Time & Money

Be up and running in minutes. No need for training or certification to understand how things work. Complex enterprise systems are expensive. By simplifying workflows and accelerating reporting, HORIZON PPM saves you money and time.

Project Managers spend between 4 to 16 hours each week updating central project reporting systems – that provide them with no delivery benefit. HORIZON PPM not only follows a consistent look & feel for every project allowing users to quickly become familiar with the layout and start focusing on their projects, but also automates the production of the standard reports significantly cutting down on administrative overhead.

Focus on delivery not managing the toolset.

Collaborate at Pace

Close the gap between delivery teams, suppliers, sponsors and clients with cross domain and cross organisation collaboration. Delivery teams, contractors, partners, suppliers and clients often need access to the same system to progress effectively without delay.

As a cloud-hosted service HORIZON PPM crosses the departmental and organisational boundaries often encountered as it can be securely accessed over the web. In addition each dashboard is individually personalised specifically identifying actions, escalations and risks that they own.

Shared Intelligence, Individually Tailored.

Fully Integrated

Over 90% of the project managers we spoke to told us they develop their own tools to track and report their projects - even when corporate solutions are already in place!

HORIZON PPM delivers a wealth of functionality out of the box capable of managing a diverse array of complex project portfolios – but it doesn’t have to stop there. The system is also designed as a platform ensuring it can be easily integrated into existing corporate systems and processes.

A Platform Not Just a Service.